Street art scene – Hamburg, Germany

Recently, I visited Hamburg to check out the city and see how the street art scene compared to the scene in Berlin. If you have ever visited Berlin, you know that the street art there is so amazing, and Hamburg was unfortunately not quite as vibrant but still had some interesting pieces. Although, on my visit to the city and search for interesting works, I discovered a number of cool pieces while walking through Hamburg’s streets. Here’s what I found.

“A” Chest by Alias


Trust No Face by Alias


Vini Vedi Vodka by Prost


Crying boy


I saw this panda stencil in a number of places but sometimes without the pot leaves.


Painted floppy disks by Tona

Here are some other cool miscellaneous pieces I saw while wandering the streets…

Large full wall mural


I saw this little bat hanging around near the curb.


Banksy visited the Hamburg in 2002 creating a number famous pieces, but only one is remaining. It has been placed under plexiglass in an attempt to protect it. In my opinion, this definitely takes away from the piece and part of the coolness of street art is they are not permanent.

bansky bomb hugger

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