Strut Records announce second album in their FAC. DANCE series

shark vegas

Strut Records will release the second album in the FAC. DANCE series on September 18th, which brings together sought after 12″ versions and rarities from Manchester’s legendary Factory Records. Berlin-based New Wave band Shark Vegas are featured on the compilation and you can watch rare 80’s footage of the band playing their synth heavy track You Hurt Me lifted from ‘FAC. DANCE 2’ below.

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‘FAC. DANCE 02’ reveals and presents Factory’s varied early forays into dance territory, widening the story laid down in Volume One. The album includes an early version of A Certain Ratio’s angular classic The Fox from the band’s debut album “To Each…” rubs shoulders with Cheba Fadela’s Algerian rai blast, N’Sel Fik. Kalima’s uplifting dancefloor jazz also features, along with a sprawling electro dub of 52nd Street’s UK boogie classic Can’t Afford; Dutch electronic band Minny Pops is also featured with Blue Roses. 

‘FAC. DANCE 02’ is released in conjunction with Factory Records Ltd. The CD and LP packages feature detailed track notes by Factory biographer James Nice, together with rare photos. The digital version of the album features five tracks not featured on the physical formats.alongside the heavy dub and reggae stylings of The Wake, X-O-Dus and ACR alter ego Sir Horatio; the Manchester / New York axis is also revisited once again with two potent post-punk funk blasts from E.S.G., the first US band to appear on Factory.


CD 1
1. A Certain Ratio – The Fox
2. ESG – Moody
3. Minny Pops – Blue Roses
4. Thick Pigeon – Babcock + Wilcox
5. Biting Tongues – Meat Mask Separatist
6. Sir Horatio – Sommadub
7. X-O-DUS – Society
8. The Durutti Column – Self Portrait
9. Section 25 – Knew Noise
10. Shark Vegas – You Hurt Me
11. Fadela – N’Sel Fik
12. Kalima – Land of Dreams

CD 2
1. 52nd Street – Can’t Afford (Unorganised Mix)
2. Nyam Nyam – Fate
3. A Certain Ratio – Lucinda
4. ESG – You’re No Good
5. Swamp Children – Softly Saying Goodbye
6. Quando Quango – Go Exciting (12″ mix)
7. Surprise – In Movimento
8. Anna Domino – Take That
9. The Wake – Host
10. Royal Family And The Poor – Vaneigem Mix
11. Section 25 – Sakura
12. Ad Infinitum – Telstar

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