Superchunk announce summer themed new single

superchunk beach

Culture Addicts faves, Superchunk will release their new single This Summer on June 12. This Summer is the A-side of this limited-edition 7″, which is the first new Superchunk music since the 2010 release of their album ‘Majesty Shredding’. The B-side features the band’s cover of Bananarama’s 80’s hit Cruel Summer. As a bonus, the single includes a digital download code for an acoustic version of This Summer.

It will be interesting to hear how Superchunk reworks the song, but in the meantime, below is the video for the original version of Cruel Summer.

Produced by Scott Solter with artwork featuring photography by Harrison Haynes (Les Savy Fav), the 7″ will be pressed on white vinyl limited to 1300 hand-numbered copies worldwide.

Of the songs chosen for the 7″, Mac said, “I like summer songs. They could be about the actual season, or just be songs listened to most while doing things you do during the summer—taking a road trip, going to the coast, sitting outside on the roof or the porch or the beach or wherever. And actually, maybe most of those songs were written during the winter or the spring by someone somewhere cold who was looking forward to summer (because for one thing, if you want a song to come out during the summer, please note that you have to make it long before then).

If you get the “demo” version of This Summer, it’s one of many demos for this song. The very first one was actually all electric and sounds a little too close to the studio version to be worth hearing. I had to do a bunch of quiet ones to get the structure right; this is one of those. The B-side features the band’s own take on Bananarama’s ’80s hit Cruel Summer. As a bonus, the single will include a digital download code for an acoustic version of This Summer.”

Watch the Superchunk classic video for Hyper Enough below.


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