TH Da Freak releases new album ‘The Hood’

TH Da Freak

TH Da Freak has released his new album ‘The Hood’ via Howlin’ Banana Records. You can watch the video for Thick Head via YouTube below, which is lifted from the album.

TH Da Freak is the solo project of Thoineau Palis, a Bordeaux-based slacker obsessed by the masters of 90’s rock (Nirvana, Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr) and avant-garde pop composers from that era (R. Stevie Moore, Alex G, Sparklehorse, early Beck).

Discovered by Howlin’ Banana Records in spring 2017 the over-productive Thoineau managed to record an album (‘The Freak,’ May 12th) and two EPs (‘Garage Punk Songs For Doggos,’ June 5th and ‘Infandous,’ December 1st) in the next months, all released via Howlin’ Banana.

Faithful to the DIY esthetic of his spiritual fathers, Thoineau records everything by himself, showing endless ingenuity in both composing and arranging catchy songs, drawing seamlessly from indie rock, dream pop, grunge, or garage rock.

‘The Hood’, recorded at Thoineau’s parents during summer 2017, is his second album. It features 11 tracks, that show once again how talented this kid is.

TH Da Freak The Hood coverTrack listing

1. Old Ladies Of The Blocks
2. See Ya In Da Hood
3. Wanking Class
4. I Add Some Whisky In My Cola
5. I Don’t Understand
6. Techno Bullshit
7. Thick Head
8. Bored
9. Bienvenidos At Satori Park
10. Moon Mate
11. I Was Such An Idiot