The Ah shares new track + music video for ‘The Factory Girl’

The Ah press photo
Photo credit: Jesse Harris

The Ah, solo project of composer and musician Jeremy Gustin, has shared the second single lifted from his forthcoming sophomore full-length ‘Mere Husk‘. Following the lead single Watermelon Tears, The Factory Girl features Gustin’s friend, Yuan Liu, on vocals, who also stars in the track’s accompanying music video. Check out the video clip via YouTube below.

About the song, Gustin explains, “The Factory Girl is based on a traditional Irish song I first heard Margaret Barry sing. When struck by the beauty of the melody and the phrasing, I challenged myself to see what I could do with it to completely change the vibe, but keep the integrity of the melody. As I decided to not have vocals here, the narrative of the original, of course, is lost. But my friend Yuan just happened to be over my place at the moment I was recording this and I asked her to improvise some dialogue, which she did brilliantly. This of course alters the original narrative but keeps the underlying theme of love intact.”

The release of ‘Mere Husk’ will be celebrated in conjunction with Gustin’s forthcoming photography book ‘Foundscapes’ (releasing with 11A Records) at Brooklyn NY’s Step Bone Cut on February 1st.  ‘Mere Husk‘ is available for preorder via Bandcamp (with a limited quantity of the album and book available as a bundle) and will be out January 31st via NNA Tapes.

The Ah Mere Husk cover artwork

‘Mere Husk’ track list
1. Pepper Pupil
2. The Factory Girl
3. Just Relief
4. Mere Husk
5. Watermelon Tears
6. Frozen Teeth
7. Songs My Mother Taught Me
8. You’re A Garden
9. Far Away
10. Smiling Lemon Tree
11. Herkimer Mohawk
12. The Berries

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