The Cuckoos share new single + music video ‘So Real, So Surreal’

The Cuckoos press photo
Photo credit: Citizen Kane Wayne

Austin’s The Cuckoos have shared their new single and music video So Real, So Surreal. The track is the third and final single lifted from The Cuckoos forthcoming EP ‘Honeymoon Phases’ which is due out on August 7, 2020.

So Real, So Surreal is a blend of funk and classic rock, with elements of modern pop. The music video is the perfect accompaniment to the Rick Astley – 80’s inspired song. It features a humorous take on a relationship between lead singer Kenneth Frost and a blow-up doll. The “couple” watches Netflix, paint each other’s nails, and hang out in the park.  

Kenneth says, “We decided to go more Rick Astley rather than Rick Springfield this time around. I thought it would be funny to continue the 80’s nostalgia thing and also “Rick Roll” our fans.” Kenneth continues,  “As for the blow-up doll, I thought the concept of somebody using a sex doll to fulfill all the things in a relationship besides sex to be interesting. It’s impossible of course because people cannot be replaced with sex toys especially in these isolated digital times. We thrive on human interaction and relationships so having someone there for you can really mean a lot. Also, it just fit real nice with the whole So Real, So Surreal thing. Dave and I had fun making it and I feel like it fits the lighthearted bittersweet vibe.”

Watch the video clip for So Real, So Surreal via YouTube below.

The Cuckoos have been providing fans with visuals for human interaction with their iCuckoo series on YouTube since the pandemic and hope to tour next year to live audiences. 

Over the past year, The Cuckoos have been lauded by many fans, industry folks, and the press including Austin’s KUTXAmerican SongwriterRELIX, and Pop Matters among others. Jedd Beaudoin of Pop Matters said, “[The Cuckoos] conjure memories of Bauhaus but with a more succinct, direct approach.”  

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