The Delay In The Universal Loop releases new video

The Delay In The Universal Loop

The Delay In The Universal Loop has released a new music video for I’m Turning In The Wholeness. It’s super cool with lots of glitchy / vaporwave graphics. Check it out via YouTube below.

The Delay In The Universal Loop is 20 year old, up and coming Italian producer/musician Dylan Iuliano. After releasing his debut album ‘Disarmonia’ in 2013 to critical acclaim, Iuliano left high school to tour extensively through Europe and North America in 2014. He then released his sophomore album ‘Split Consciousness’ via Moon Sound Records on July 7, 2015.

Recorded in his small hometown of San Nazzaro, Italy, Iuliano experiemented with modified fuzz pedals, vintage amps, and other recording tactics to give ‘Split Consciousness’ a subtle sense of imperfection. These effects, alongside pitch shifted vocals, glitchy drums, and fuzzy synths, enhance the dynamic musical landscapes that The Delay In The Universal Loop is known for. Tackling themes of human duality and coexistence, ‘Split Consciousness’ explores the highs and lows of being a young adult experiencing the world on your own.

‘Split Consciousness’ is available now via Moon Sounds Records (digital/CD) and Dilated Time / Cemetery Sisters (cassette).

I’m Turning In The Wholeness is lifted from his sophomore album ‘Split Consciousness,’ which is out digitally now via Moon Sounds Records.

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