The Effens share new single + video ‘Eventually’

The Effens press photo

Toronto’s The Effens have announced their upcoming third EP, ‘Eventually’ due out July 30, 2021 via Hidden Pony and the band’s own LootBag Records. The title track is a song about loving your enemy and it’s available to stream on all platforms now. 

“‘Eventually’ is about loving your enemy. Some people don’t want de-escalation, they need to draw blood from you. In writing this song, I found assurance without losing my love for the person I was in conflict with. When the words of the chorus came out of my mouth for the first time, it sounded defiant without being resentful. The song is saying to this person, “If this is what you need to do, I won’t stop you. Bite into me as hard as you can. You won’t change me.”

You can also watch the video clip for Eventually which is “an exploration of how we can lose our individuality in trying to sanitize everything” via YouTube below.

‘Eventually’ is the culmination of years of feverish experimentation and lineup rotations which led vocalist and guitarist Austin Nops—the nucleus of The Effens— to finally collect Paul Theo (guitar and synth/samples), Hannah Edgerton (bass and vocals), and Fabian Oblivion (drums). The members connected through jam space-meet-cutes and last-minute show fill-ins that have unspooled into the band’s current iteration.

Recording and producing on their own tracks is part of the band’s DIY bent. Music videos are self-made on video cameras found by the band; merch is designed and manufactured among the four members; and friends orchestrate on-stage visuals for live performances, augmented by tchotchkes procured by the band from thrift stores. 

The more we do on our own, the more everything has our fingerprint on it.” A smudged, black, glittery fingerprint.

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