The Lovely Eggs share video ‘Still Second Rate’

The Lovely Eggs press photo

Acclaimed psych-punk duo The Lovely Eggs are set to release their new album ‘I am Moron’ on April 3rd via EGG Records. Ahead of the album, they have shared the video for the album’s second single Still Second Rate. You can watch the video clip for Still Second Rate via YouTube below and pre-order ‘I am Moron’ here.

Here’s what The Lovely Eggs, a.k.a. married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell, had to say about Still Second Rate: “It’s interesting to think about what is really valuable in life and music and what is valuable to us is absolutely worthless to a lot of other people. And same goes the other way round. The instrumental middle bit of this song features our version of the hold music from the working tax credit hotline. We must have spent more time on hold on that hotline than any other band on the planet. “For the video, we wanted to present a masterclass in how to not spend £20,000 on making a music video,” they continued. “We thought fuck it, we’ll do it ourselves. It’s our ethos really, and it is also totally in keeping with the song. We’ve never moaned about not having access to big budgets, and not doing stuff is just not an option for us, so we always roll up our sleeves, get on with it, and do the best that we can for the budget we have got—which for this was zero! I suppose with the video, we wanted people to question what their idea of ‘second rate’ is. ‘Second rate’ means different things to different people. For some people, the idea of a pot noodle sandwich would be unthinkable, but to David it’s a delicious after-hours snack. Same with living in Lancaster and not having a label, etc. These are things that some people consider ‘second rate,’ but we don’t. So there are a lot of images in there that invite the viewer to question their opinions on what they value. Then there’s a load of psychedelic footage and random images to blast the mundane out into the universe, because it’s impossible to cope with the bleakness of day-to-day life without having some magic in there. So in a way, this video is like a microcosm of our world.”

‘I am Moron’ is the follow-up to The Lovely Eggs’ critically acclaimed 2018 album ‘This is Eggland’. It marks their second album co-produced and mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala) and continues their journey through Eggland and into the unknown.

Ross and Blackwell recorded ‘I am Moron‘ in Lancaster (“The Twin Peaks of Northern England”) between the Lancaster Musicians Co-op and their home. During the recording, the Co-op faced closure, so the band put their alum on hold to fight the eviction.

While the band was writing the album, they became fascinated by the Mars One program—a global project that aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars and offers applicants the opportunity to never step foot on Earth again. This fascinated Ross and Blackwell, who drew parallels between this mission and the isolation they’ve experienced as a band.

On ‘I am Moron,’ the Eggs retain the emotional weight of ‘This is Eggland’ while using a mix of heavy psych, pop, and strangeness to deepen their sound. Some songs flicker between earthly realism and the otherworldly loneliness of a one-way space mission.

With no booking agent, manager, record label, or publisher, The Lovely Eggs are truly independent. This has been by design since day one. Support for Ross and Blackwell is snowballing. They are selling out bigger and bigger venues every year as more Eggheads join them in their crusade against bullshit.

They also announced that their April run of UK dates has been postponed to July due to the COVID-19 outbreak. View their updated tour dates below.

Tour dates
07/16 – Newcastle, UK @ The Cluny
07/17 – Manchester, UK @ Gorilla [Sold Out]
07/18 – Leeds, UK @ The Brudenell Social Club [Sold Out]
07/19 – Birmingham, UK @ The Castle & Falcon [Sold Out]
07/20 – Cambridge, UK @ The Portland Arms [Sold Out]
07/21 – Brighton, UK @ Komedia [Sold Out]
07/22 – Southampton, UK @ The Loft 
07/23 – Bristol, UK @ The Fleece [Sold Out]
07/24 – London, UK @ The Garage [Sold Out]
07/25 – Oxford, UK @ The Bullingdon
07/29 – Edinburgh, UK @ Mash House
07/30 – Glasgow, UK @ CCA
08/08 – Sheffield, UK @ Network
10/23 – London, UK @ Heaven
10/30 – Manchester, UK @ The Ritz

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