The National Honor Society announce new album + share C86-influenced track ‘First Among The Last’

The National Honor Society press photo

Echoing influences from the best in British rock music from the last four decades, US four-piece The National Honor Society will release their debut album ‘To All the Glory We Never Had’, on May 29th via Chien Lunatique Records.

A joyous romp of rousing melody and masterful songwriting, the album was produced by Erik Blood (Pink Lotion, Knife Knights, Shabazz Palaces), and across 10 rip-roaring songs, The National Honor Society gently dismantle your consciousness as every shimmering guitar note is both magical and uplifting and every breathed vocal hung heavy with honesty and emotional weight.

Formed in Seattle, WA, The National Honor Society released their debut EP ‘All Change’ in 2017, charting at No.19 on influential New York critic Jack Rabid’s Big Takeover. Having received critical acclaim in their hometown for their magnetic live performances, the band have performed at a number of key venues in Seattle and the US, including the famous ‘Crocodile’, one-time home to Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

“While we may have cut our teeth on influences from far away and long ago, our attempt with ‘Glory’ is to wed riffs that get lodged in your transom, with a vision of the modern world that seems inevitably headed towards the abyss.  We’ve tried to act as observers in these songs, reflecting, rather than suggesting”, says singer and lyricist Leslie Coulter.

Ahead of the album release, The National Honor Society have shared the C86-influenced album track First Among The Last, which recalls the swirling sounds of Ride, Lush and The Boo Radleys that defined the sound of the early 90s. Stream the track via SoundCloud below.

‘To All The Glory We Never Had’ track listing

The National Honor Society To All The Glory We Never Had cover artwork

1. ‘Turn Me On’
2. ‘Everybody Lives and Breathes’
3. ‘Crystalize’
4. ‘Be Gone’
5. ‘First Among the Last’
6. ‘The Occupation’
7. ‘Never Gonna Make It Happen’
8. ‘Incredible’
9. ‘When We Ruled the School’
10. ‘Stand Down’