The New Division release new single ‘Senseless’

The New Division

The New Division is an alias of the electronic musician John Glenn Kunkel. With 2 albums and 2 EP’s under his belt, Kunkel returns in 2015 with ‘Gemini’ due out on June 2, 2015. The first single Senseless from ‘Gemini’ is now available for purchase and includes remixes of the single from TEEEL, Outernationale, André Obin, and Future Unlimited. Stream the Senseless single and remixes via Soundcloud below.

The third full length album can be branded as an ode to his signature sound, which has placed The New Division at the forefront of modern new wave music today. These 13 songs feature an eclectic mix of sonorous guitar hooks complemented by synth leads eerily narrating times past- all the while remaining boldly in the present.


Track listing:

1. Senseless
2. Senseless (TEEEL Remix)
3. Senseless (Outernationale Remix)
4. Senseless (André Obin Remix)
5. Senseless (Future Unlimited Remix)




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