The Parrots share ‘You Work All Day And Then You Die’

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Madrid’s The Parrots announced the details of their upcoming new album ‘Dos’ which is due for release on Heavenly Recordings on Friday October 22nd, 2021. The band also shared the video for the latest single You Work All Day And Then You Die. It’s just in time to give you a little Monday demotivation for the rest of the work week. The video for the new single and album opener You Work All Day And Then You Die was directed by Joaquin Luna and was filmed on location in Madrid.

Video director Joaquin Luna speaks about the video by saying: “This video shows 4 parallel stories where the characters struggle with abusive work conditions. They break their anxiety and anguish when they let go of their compliant attitude. In a growing catharsis they show their vulnerability and chase an easy, absurd liberation from a hostile environment.” Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

The band also talk about the new track by saying: “We wanted to write this song for a long time. The sounds, the epic in it were something that we had wanted to express for a long time and couldn’t have done it without the help of our amazing producer, Tom Furse. On the lyrical side, we’ve been feeling that people are settling and giving up their dreams for the ones people post on social media, we wanted to express that lack of individuality, how it’s easier to copy other models of success rather than follow your own. With this song we wanted to punch that trend (or feeling) in the face and remind people and ourselves that success has more to do with personal feelings and self-care than social acceptance. We’ve always felt very comfortable being treated as outsiders in most circles and we are proud of that, fight back, don’t kneel and don’t try to be liked by everyone. Some things work for you but others may not. Why are people so worried about communism and stuff when it’s capitalism itself which tries to make us all exactly the same, boring with the same dreams and motivations?”

The new album ‘Dos’ is the follow up to the Madrid duo’s (Diego García & Alex de Lucas) acclaimed 2016 debut ‘Los Niños Sin Miedo’ and shows the band taking an evolutionary step that finds them sounding stronger and more realized than ever before, from their original characteristics ofstripped-down melodic garage rock to a fresh sonic perspective. Produced by Tom Furse (The Horrors) and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer (Parquet Courts, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Temples), the Parrots find themselves experimenting with more modern production soundscapes and electronic grooves. 

The 11 track album will also include the previous single Maltido (featuring multi-million selling Spanish rap super star C. Tangana)

‘Dos’ track listing
1.  You Work All Day And Then You Die
2. Just Hold On
3. Maldito (feat C. Tangana)
4. Lo Dejaría Todo
5. Don’t Cry
6. It’s Too Late To Go To Bed
7. Nadie Dijo Que Fuera Fácil
8. Fuego
9. Amigos
10. How Not To Be Seen
11. Romance (feat Los Nastys)

Presave on ‘Dos’ here.

Rolling in on an unbreakable motorik groove, The Parrots second album – ‘Dos’ – starts very much on the front foot. You Work All Day And Then You Die is a bold statement of intent, a signpost at the side of the road that tells you straight about the futility of our modern lives spent chained to the work station. As the chant-along chorus goes, “It’s hard to find some peace of mind” – a line that feels like a reaction to the last year and half on planet Earth. 

From You Work All Day And Then You Die’s relentless pulse to closer Romance’s end of the night celebration of friendship and survival, Dos is an all consuming, life-affirming joyous noise. Where The Parrots debut – ‘Los Niños Sin Miedo’ – howled and rattled like the garage bands that had inspired them in their formative years in Madrid, ‘Dos’ was conceived by Diego Garcia (guitar, vocals) and Alex de Lucas (bass) as a chance to showcase their wider ambitions. That desire to expand the band’s sound led them to working with producer Tom Furse from The Horrors. 

Fans of The Parrots previous records and their life-enhancing live shows needn’t worry that things have changed too much. ‘Dos’ is still very much a garage rock record, only one now painted in brighter, bolder, more psychedelic colours. Just Hold On is a summery late ’60s West Coast stomp while Nadie Dijo Que Fuera Fácil (translation – Nobody Said It Would Be Easy) and Amigos recall modern psychedelic voyagers such as Spacemen 3 and Super Furry Animals – bands who effortlessly combined drones with celestial melody. Elsewhere, It’s Too Late To Go To Bed sounds like something released on Ze Records in the early ’80s. 

Formed by Diego García (vocals, guitars) and Alex de Lucas (vocals, bass), The Parrots burst into the music world in 2014 with a handful of independently released singles. Along with Hinds and Los Nastys, the Madrid trio-turned-duo helped reinvigorate visceral, undiluted guitar music in recent years, bringing back fun and a mischievous sensibility to rock n’ roll. The Parrots have toured around the world, utterly entrancing live audiences with their blazing punk ferocity. They have also found a home in revered London label Heavenly Recordings who put out their debut full-length album ‘Los Niños Sin Miedo’ in 2016 to widespread positive acclaim. Ever since they continue to push the boundaries of rock.

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