The Smiths reforming rumours resurface

The Smiths

This week, there was yet another rumour about the 80s legends The Smiths’ reforming this year, which seems to first have appeared on

On Thursday, they published a story reading: “ has learnt that one of the greatest bands the world has ever known are to reform. The Smiths, widely regarded as THE seminal British band, are to throw their differences aside and return to the live stage this autumn.The legendary songwriting partnership comprising of musical luminaries Morrissey and Marr are set to make a return after finding common ground.” have since added a disclaimer in the article reading: “Since we published this article earlier today, denial of this reformation has been rife.”

In response to the article on, some of The Smiths band members immediately shot down the rumours. Mike Joyce, former drummer, issued a direct statement saying “after today’s reports of The Smiths reforming I can confirm that they are NOT” and clearly stated “It’s not happening, folks.”

Guitarist Johnny Marr said, “Once again the rumours of a Smiths reunion are untrue. It’s not happening.”

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