Tokyo Police Club announce interesting covers project

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club have announced a very interesting recording project, which involves recording 10 cover songs over 10 days. The original versions of the songs were released each year from 2001-2010. The project process will kick off this coming Monday (Aug 15) when three potential songs from each year, between 2001-2010, will be revealed on  Polaroids with the final track revealed nightly before they do the track recording. The band will also be filming the entire recording process and creating daily Polaroid photo diaries. Each song will also have unique Polaroid image artwork taken that day in the studio. Details about the packaging of all 10-songs will be announced soon.

The project starts at 12pm PST on Tuesday, August 23 at the Red Bull Studio Los Angeles when the band enters the studio to rehearse and record a the first chosen cover song over the next 10 hours. This track will be premiered the following morning (August 24) at 10am PST by one of media outlets starting with the final song premiering on Saturday, September 3.

The media outlets include Alternative Press, ARTIST Direct, Entertainment Weekly, FILTER, Mashable, The Onion AV Club, and Spinner. At 11am EST, the song will be made available via all partner sites. will be offering fans a behind-the-scenes look into the recording process each day between 7pm-8pm PST.

Tokyo Police Club Promo PhotoIn discussing the project, vocalist / bassist Dave Monks said, “We like anything that helps us grow as a band and take on new territories and just expand our boundaries a bit. In covering songs, you learn new tools that you might want to use in your own songs – good drum fills and basslines…the trading cards of music.”

Song premiere schedule (all released at 1pm EST/10am PST) with the related song year and media outlet are as follows:

Wed August 24 – (2001)
Thu August 25 – (2002)
Fri August 26 – (2003)
Sat August 27 – (2004)
Mon August 29 – (2005)
Tue August 30 – (2006)
Wed August 31 – (2007)
Thu September 1 – (2008)
Fri September 2 – (2009)
Sat September 3 – (2010)

Here’s an old TPC video for Cheer It On to keep you entertained until the cover tracks project comes out.

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