Tomato Flower share art-rock single ‘Destroyer’

Tomato Flower press photo
Photo by Missy Malouff

Tomato Flower have shared a hallucinatory piece of art-rock called Destroyer. The Baltimore quartet have developed the uncanny psychedelia of 2022’s ‘Gold Arc’ and ‘Construction’ EPs to give space to something more raw and immediate. Interwoven guitars and pulsing rhythms collide like a struggle between the shadow world and the waking world, while the vocals shift between screaming and insistent melody as they spin an oblique narrative of nighttime paranoia and distress. 

About the song, singer/guitarist Jamison Murphy says: “Destroyer came out all at once in a period of sleeplessness and turmoil and then was sharpened through collaboration. It’s about seeing shadow people, but there’s a reversal, and the speaker becomes possessed, becomes the destroyer”

The video was directed by the band’s Austyn Wohlers, who was inspired by Pylon’s music video for Beep, and features a solitary Jamison traversing the empty streets and basements of Baltimore. Watch the video clip forthcoming Destroyer via YouTube below.

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