Tomemitsu release video for ‘Vacation’


Tomemitsu premiered the video for the first single lifted from his sophomore album ‘Loaf Eye,’ called Vacation, which was directed by ETA. Tomemitsu comments on the video, “‘Vacation’ is a song that I wrote all the lyrics to while on vacation in Mexico in 2014. I like this song because it brings me back to being on the beach and reading in the shade while the waves roll in. The feelings of total relaxation and peacefulness come back to me when I hear and play this one.” Watch it below via YouTube.

Los Angeles-based Bedroom Dream Pop musician Tomemitsu has been working on ‘Loaf Eye’ for the past 2 years since finishing his debut album, ‘m_o_d_e_s’ in 2013. The cassette quickly sold out and his audience of friends turned into a growing worldwide following after the placement of In Dreams and Runaway on the web-series turned HBO-series, High Maintenance. ‘Loaf Eye’ is the product of those years of work and patience, study and introspection. Some other changes to his writing style evident on ‘Loaf Eye’ is that he collaborated with some of his favourite musical friends in Los Angeles. There are appearances by Colleen Green, Devin Ratliff and Erik Felix of So Many Wizards, as well as Christina Gaillard and James Roehl of Crown Plaza.

This week, he also played an album release show at The Smell with Arjuna Genome and Samira’s Infinite Summer (members of Winter and Summer Twins) and the album officially out now via iTunes and Spotify. ‘Loaf Eye’ is also available on CD and Cassette via Chill Mega Chill Records and Sucks About Dinosaurs (S.A.D. Records). Tomemitsu plays in several other Los Angeles-based bands including So Many Wizards and has a couple other music videos scheduled to be released soon.