TOP nachos share ‘Donate 2 The Bands’ music video

TOP nachos press photo
Photo Credit: Jeanette D. Moses

Ahead of their upcoming tour, New York City punk duo TOP nachos have shared their new single Donate 2 The Bands with an accompanying music video, directed by Ari Zeneli. Watch Donate 2 The Bands via YouTube below.

Donate 2 The Bands is about the struggles that touring bands go through,” says singer, guitarist Eli Frank about the song and video. “They drive a long way to play some pretty silly places. Trying to get people to buy their merch. Sometimes seems pretty silly but even in the tiniest of basements you can play the best shows of your life.”

The “goof punk” duo, consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Eli Frank (they/them) and backup vocalist Kenny Hauptman (he/him), started in upstate New York but recently relocated to the city and quickly began breaking into the scene with their high energy and entertaining performances.

Since moving, they’ve been named Artist of the Month by The Deli Magazine and one of New York City’s Hardest-Working Bands of 2019 by Oh My Rockness who said, “Furiously likable punk duo Top Nachos is a dank band to go see when you’re feeling goofy and need to get it out. Go see them play. A sloppy sweaty enjoyable time will be had by all.”  In the short time TOP nachos has been together, they’ve released an EP, a split, and an LP ‘Dank Side of the Moon’. Last year NPR Music featured the band’s Tiny Desk Contest entry for the song Tour Cats in their Favorite Desks Of The 2019 Tiny Desk Contest saying, “the band made several cardboard desks and threw them around the room. The song begins with the sound of a distorted guitar and the first desk being crushed under the foot of lead vocalist Eli Frank. That energy is consistent throughout the entire performance, complete with drastic tempo changes and lively drum fills from Kenny Hauptman.” 

TOP nachos has toured endlessly throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia in 2019 and are looking to do the same in 2020. The band hit the road with a number of shows in Richmond, Asheville, New Orleans, Houston and more. See full list of tour dates below which includes a trip to Pouzza Fest, Montreal’s Punk Festival, in May. 

TOP nachos tour dates
March 21 – Denton, TX – Centon Country Brewing Company
March 22 – Fayetteville, AR – House Show
March 23 – St. Louis, MO – KWUR Week at Washington University
March 24 – Indianapolis, IN – State Street
March 25 – Bowling Green, OH – The Summit Shack 
March 26 – Athens, OH – The New Happiness 
March 28 – Philadelphia, PA – Trafmalfadore 
April 3 – New York, NY – Lola Live
April 25 – Kingston, NY  – Tubbys w/ Dehd
May 15-17 – Montreal, QC – Pouzza Fest