Toronto collective FUCTAPE releases two new music videos

FUCTAPE album cover

Anonymous Toronto collective FUCTAPE have released two music videos for the songs STFU and druenkn xmas.

STFU is the new single which is in response to all of the noise in our social media driven culture, dubious public figures, political correctness, and the general shitstorm that we call earth….FUCTAPE responds with STFU. A cathartic anthem to scream at the world and drown out all of the noise with absolutely no fucks given. Watch the video via YouTube below.

FUCTAPE says “fuck that fat bastard who steals your cookies and never gives you what you want. Steal a rum and egg nog, make out under the mistletoe with the girl next door, and crank druenkn xmas, the no-fucks-given new Xmas classic.“ watch the video clip below.

More about FUCTAPE?

FUCTAPE is a 20+ member artist collective from Toronto, ON. FUCTAPE is a home for the society’s outcasts, a haven for the degenerates, a shelter for the outliers, an orphanage for anarchists. A revolving door of artists reviving the spirt of punk culture.

Banksy, Celine Dione, and Wu Tang, sharing a black liquorice-flavoured ice cream that was served by the baby on the Nirvana album cover while being painted by the ghost of Salvador Dali.  In the background David Lynch and Andre 3000 are shooting a game of dice while being serenaded by Sporty Spice covering Public Enemy’s Fight the Power.  The camera pans left to reveal a young Bowie wearing Odd Future shorts practicing his moonwalk trying to impress Cee Lo who’s too busy paying attention to the TV in his lap. On the television is a cockroach walking a maggot on a leash.

The Toronto collective released earlier this year a stunning self titled debut album.

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