Tremble Weeds release debut 7″

Tremble Weeds

Tremble WeedsTremble Weeds play rock n roll/garage rock music and live in Joshua Tree. This past week, they released their first self-titled 7″, and you take a listen to them or download some tracks via Bandcamp below.

They recorded the 7″ in Joshua Tree in their living room that they turned into a studio. Dylan plays guitar and sings and Nick drums and sings, with both filling in on different instruments for recording. They’re working on a full length, which they’re hoping to release by the end of summer.

This is what the duo said about their writing style, “We love to blend great simple songs with our lo fi recordings and a blend of fuzzed out and twangy guitars. Not adding too much unnecessary work to a song is our thing. Our goal is to put on a raw, loud full energy show with just the two of us.”

Live dates:

They will be playing Joshua Tree Saloon in Joshua Tree on July 9th 2016.