Trends share new single ‘Branches’

Trends press photo

Los Angeles band Trends have shared their new single, Branches. Listen to the track via a YouTube below.

Branches, from from Trends’ debut album, ‘Palettes,’ is an imaginatively-arranged 5-minute indie-rock odyssey. The song’s dynamic music arc spans clean-textured guitar and atmospheric musicality, explosive drums, layers of airy harmony vocals, jagged art-rock guitar motifs, and serene sing-along passages. 

The song uses branches as a metaphor for relationships. For Marina Paiz, the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, it’s a coming of age theme as she chose to pursue music while many of her friends ventured off to school or onto more well-trodden life paths. “I don’t have a Plan B. I’m the one still here; I’m the only one in a band,” she says. “So, this song is about letting go, and just feeling sadness during a time when relationships and friendships feel distant. Even when people branch out we are still connected to this trunk.”

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