Tuff Slang release debut single ‘Nothing All The Time’

Tuff Slang
Photo credit Lenny Gilmore Photography

Tuff Slang are a hook driven rock band that walks the line between southern twang, rhythm & soul. They released their first single today called Nothing All The Time, and you can take a listen via Soundcloud below.


Nothing All The Time is the first track that they wrote during their earliest rehearsals and it made them realize the sound that they were after. It’s high energy, with a chorus that catches your attention while paying tribute to their influences.

The members of Tuff Slang all come from different bands (Secret Colours, Dirty Rotten Sunshine, A Lull). They wrote song after song until they were able to capture each of their personalities in the music.

Tuff Slang are Aaron Vincel, Cody Messick and Justin Frederick.