Twist release ‘Can’t Wait’ video from debut album

Twist Can't Wait video still

Twist have released a Smashing Pumpkins-inspired video for their single Can’t Wait in celebration of releasing their debut album, ‘Spectral,’ via Buzz RecordsThe clip was directed by Benjamin Dabu who has recently worked on videos for Weaves’ Tick and Dilly Dally’s Desire. The video deals with themes that are central to ‘Spectral’ as a whole, casting a nostalgic lens on youth, loss, and the experience of growth.   Watch the video via YouTube below.

“The video was inspired by Smashing Pumpkins 1979 and Today”  said Twist’s Laura Hermiston, who appears in the video. “Those have been my favourite videos since I saw them on Much Music when I was a kid. The director Benjamin Dabu and I wanted the scenes to speak to different emotions and experiences that I think we’ve all had or wanted to have. There’s a degree of youthful naïveté to many of the characters in the video. They’re portrayed as young people in intimate scenarios – hanging out with close friends, preparing for important opportunities, living in the moment – but the video is showing the way we remember these moments differently than the way they actually were.”