Underorder share ‘Heavy As You’ + ‘Selling Rhymes’

Underorder Press photo
Photo Credit: Gaya Feldheim Schorr

Brooklyn-based rockers Underorder have shared two new tracks, Heavy As You and Selling Rhymes, which are lifted from their forthcoming EP, ‘Other Ways To Be Apart Vol. 1’. Listen to both tracks via Bandcamp and YouTube below.

‘Other Ways To Be Apart,’ a larger work broken into three EPs, is a meditation on love and distance. Written primarily in 2015 and 2016 by songwriter Gabriel Zucker, at the end of one long-distance relationship and the beginning of another, the songs are intensely personal, sometimes isolated, and often explode inwardly more than out. 

The record consists of three acts, each loosely representing a season (winter, spring, summer; fall is represented holistically), bookended by the title track of the introduction, and a surreal, hymn-like postlude. Each act consists of a similar rise-and-fall arc, with these arcs escalating in intensity over the course of the record, so that the record ultimately gives the impression of a single shape pushing outwards over time. In light of this, each act is being released serially.