Unruly Girls share music video for ‘She Grew up in a Shotgun Row’

Unruly Girls press photo

Unruly Girls have shared the video for their last single, She Grew up in a Shotgun Row. The track is dedicated to Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, or better inspired by her, to tell the surreal story of a girl grown up in nasty and dirty suburbs, full of love and violence. The track is 100% adrenaline, with vocals from Ronit Bergman (Undone, Plastic Venus), layers of garage fuzzy guitars, massive synths, menacing feedbacks and a groovy, distorted drumming. A lo-fi, dirty, noisy sound, that conveys a sense of delirium and decaying obsession. Watch the video clip for She Grew up in a Shotgun Row via YouTube below.

More about Unruly Girls?

Unruly Girls is duo from Benevento, Italy: Luigi Limongelli (drumming, percussions) and Humbert Alison (guitars, bass, synth, piano, voice) work close together in composition, producing and recording. Humbert is the one bringing it on the road as a one man live show.

Their debut album ‘Cruel Tales’ (July 2017), was totally home produced, and has been recognised as a stunning and more than promising debut. The band’s name was inspired by The Smiths’ Barbarism Begins at Home, with Morrissey singing: “Unruly boys who will not grow up must be taken in hand, Unruly Girls who will not settle down they must be taken in hand”. Of course irony and ambivalence are basic ingredients here. With more than 100 concerts in Italy and Europe, and a growing interest from audience and press, Unruly Girls are ready to share their allucinatory and raw vision with a brand new world.