Valleys interview @ NXNE 2013

Valleys promo shot
Photo Credit: Radek Brousil

I sat down with Marc and Tillie from Valleys during NXNE 2013. We chatted about their new album, what they wanted to be when they were young, their first concert and a bunch of other topics. This was my favourite interview from NXNE this year – they are such lovely people and good fun to talk to. Check out the full video interview below via our YouTube channel.

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That evening, I checked out their show at the Garrison. Even though they had some technical glitches with the monitors and sound, they played ahead like troopers with their super cool, eerie yet danceable set showcasing tracks from their latest album, “Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?.”

I was pretty blown away by the live version of Undream A Year which sounded just as epic yet louder than the studio version. Watch the stunning song and video for the track via YouTube below.

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Check out some pictures below from the NXNE 2013 show @ The Garrison.

Valleys Live @ The Garrison - NXNE 2013

Valleys NXNE 2013 - MarcValleys Live NXNE 2013 - Tillie

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