Vansire releases ‘Pontchartrain’


Vansire was created by Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller in the summer of 2015. The two had just finished their junior and senior year of high school, respectively, having spent most of high school playing together in many settings. Their first musical interaction was on their school’s drumline in their pep band, and they went on to play in the school’s symphonic winds band, pit orchestras, and jazz band. Vansire came about as a natural culmination of these years spent playing together – they wanted to make the same kind of music as each other, and what began as a fun project turned into the full-fledged song Bridges For the Young in September of that year. Aspirations for a full EP within the month were quickly dashed by the reality of physical distance – Sam had headed off to his first year in college and Josh was still a freshman in high school. Still, they worked over the school year and then into the summer to complete what would ultimately become a full album, ‘Reflections and Reveries’. Towards the end of the recording, Sam’s younger brother Isaac also became involved and played bass on Pontchartrain and Postal Codes.

Take a listen to their new track Pontchartrain via Soundcloud below.