Wadcutter releases new album ‘Beautiful Heads’

Wadcutter press photo

Wadcutter is an artist based in Liverpool, UK. The sound and feel of his music tips the hat off to various genres, including old-school EDM, techno, and more. As a producer, this artist is all about combining a wide variety of genres, going for a combination of vintage and modern sonic qualities.

His most recent EP is a project titled ‘Beautiful Heads’. The two tracks on this release feature a wide range of influences including 80s electro, pop ballad, as well as retro synth wave, melodic house and techno to mention a few. You can listen to a preview of the EP via SoundCloud below.

After the success of two previous EP downloads available direct from minttrax.com this project sets the bar even higher, channeling the artist’s ability to combine tasteful arrangements with spontaneous ideas and production aesthetics. You can expect bold bass lines, tribal rhythms and a gritty underground soundscape. There is room for a lot of energy, and the impact of the production is hard to deny, giving this EP a very special one of a kind tone.

The R.E.E.V. Remix is a Melodic Tech House affair, balanced and direct, with a deep low end and a fully loaded, tastefully toned mid-range that adds much excitement and variation on the original.

In addition, the high frequencies are smooth and bright, adding plenty of silky edges to the mix, allowing the lead lines to jump to the forefront and enable this track to grow into a real sonic journey.

This EP is also notable due to the commissioned artwork cover, which was designed by Hallidonto, an artist with an incredible sense of visual flair and an engaging story behind each of his pieces. His kaleidoscopic and mercurial style really gives the music a perfect visual companion.