Walking Bicycles announce new album ‘Chooch’

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Walking Bicycles

Chicago’s post-punk band Walking Bicycles have announced their new album ‘Chooch’, which is their first since 2014’s cacophonous ‘To Him That Wills The Way‘. ‘To Him That Wills The Way’ was a powerful album that recounted the 3-year prison incarceration of their guitarist Julius Moriarty for possessing a large quantity of weed and the subsequent separation from his partner, the bands’ lead singer Jocelyn Summers. ‘Chooch’ will be out on April 26th via the bands’ long-running imprint Highwheel Records (Bandcamp pre-order).

To coincide with the announcement, they’re sharing the album’s lead single Fat Cat, a ripping cut about the haves vs have nots of the world. Take a listen via YouTube below.

Together since 2004, Walking Bicycles are a blend of enigmatic doom pop and declarative lyrics that sound cool without trying to be, the type of music that exists for the sake of expression and enjoyment, drawing apt comparisons to artists like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Clinic, and the bleak psychedelia of early Jane’s Addiction. 

By definition, a ‘chooch’ is a slang term for a stupid person… on their new album ‘Chooch’ (their fifth full-length)Walking Bicycles use a series of vignettes to highlight the various chooches of the world: the jackasses, the idiots, and every person in between who continues to act inappropriately. This is an uncompromising band who only emerge once, maybe twice a decade when they have something to say, and this album’s no different – especially given the political climate that we find ourselves in at the moment. 

Whether it’s calling out the conservative Fountainhead movement circling back in Dumbshit Never Learns, the dark side of conspiracy theories on ESP, or the eternal devastation of waiting for the man to stop controlling life on Fat Cat, ‘Chooch’ is a record that confronts familiar annoyances with the most freeing, middle finger-up act of defiance. Guided by warped guitar tones, menacing drums, and thundering bass, the new sound Walking Bicycles present on ‘Chooch’ is louder than anything they’ve recorded before. Consider it a blend of manic attitude and the burst of freedom that comes from telling the worst people in the world that they can go to hell. Now more than ever, it’s clear that the recognition that Walking Bicycles get in the DIY community comes from 15 years of hard work, and a refusal to settle for anything less than what feels right.

‘Chooch’ tracklisting

1. Fat Cat

 2. Dumbshit Never Learns

 3. Statutory Basement  

4. ESP 

5. Deric’s Song (A Song For Deric) 

6. Dead Things