Warren Dunes share new single + video ‘Cool Mom’

Warren Dunes press photo
Photo by Carlos Cruz

Warren Dunes wants to give a big socially-distanced high five to the moms out there making it happen every day. You – yes YOU – are for sure a Cool Mom. As a tribute to these cool moms on Mother’s Day, they’ve shared a video on the topic. Check it out via YouTube below.

You can also pre-save Cool Mom: https://snd.click/E0J

Together, Julia Massey (formerly of Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount) and brothers Jared and Dominic Cortese weave threads of indie pop, art-rock, psych, and Tropicalia into a complex yet easy going whole.  
Everyone has a different idea of what makes a “Cool Mom.” Some might cringe at the thought, others might laugh” says Massey. “Here’s to all the Cool Moms out there this Mother’s Day. The ones who flaunt the mullet, dance like nobody’s watching, and wear a bathrobe in the backyard. You’ve always been the one.”

For more information on Warren Dunes, visit warrendunesband.com.