Weed shares new video for ‘Thousand Pounds’ + announces tour


Vancouver’s Weed have shared the video for their single Thousand Pounds, directed by Courtney Garvin of the The Courtneys. The footage of the band was shot in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.

“I went with reversal black and white Super 8 film for a punk vibe, and also for the purpose of having a positive film print,” says Garvin. “I then doodled on the film directly with a finely sanded piece of wire. Because the frames are insanely tiny I used magnifying goggles to see what I was doing. I then had all the film telecined to a digital format and the technician said only this to me, ‘I hope the band appreciates all that scratching.” Check it out below via YouTube.

The video’s release also comes in conjunction with the announcement of an upcoming tour throughout July.

Tour dates:
7/2/15 – Milwaukee, WI @ Lucky Dog
7/3/15 – Detroit, MI @ Lo & Behold
7/4/15 – Kingston, ON @ Artel
7/5/15 – Toronto, ON @ SHIBGB’S
7/7/15 – Oklahoma City, OK @ The Shop
7/8/15 – Kansas City, MO @ Green Desert
7/9/15 – Omaha, NE @ The Sweatshop Gallery
7/10/15 – Sioux Falls, SD @ Total Drag
7/11/15 – Fargo, ND @ House Show
7/12/15 – Minneapolis, MN @ TBA

More about Weed? With a noisy, gazey sound that’s gloriously murky and overdriven, Vancouver’s Weed have everything it takes to be a part of the proud lineage of bands they are so obviously influenced by. A quick listen to a few songs from their second LP, ‘Running Back’, and names like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Dinosaur Jr. will spring to mind readily. Like those groups, Weed harness the power of abrasive guitars played very, very loud; they have pedals that make things go whoosh; they have a drummer who hits the cymbals like he’s trying to shatter them into shards; and above all, they have the kind of dynamic energy that makes the music come alive.

There’s no doubt that Weed are doing some serious excavation of the past, but they aren’t just re-creating it in some lifeless, predictable fashion. They write songs that are memorable and hooky, sing and play them like every note really matters, and masterfully bowl over any reservations one might have about yet another band playing this same style. Similar to what Nothing did on their excellent album ‘Guilty of Everything’, Weed don’t sound like hoary revivalists at all; instead, they sound like they are here to teach other revivalist bands how to do things the right way. Anyone looking for such a lesson can turn to the swooning Muscles and the deeply melancholic They Don’t Ask Me to see how to make shoegaze that twangs the heartstrings real hard, look to the raucous Never Leave for tips on rocking out noise pop style without overdoing it, or check out Meet Me with Ease to learn how to sound exactly like the Swirlies.

Pick pretty much any song and you’ve got a masterclass on how to mash up brain-rattling noise, pillowy dream pop, and warped shoegaze into something exciting and new. Or into something that’s basically as good as the music they are working so hard to revive — that’s the real trick and Weed pull it off on Running Back with ease. – Tim Sendra, AllMusic

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