Weird Numbers release self-titled debut album

Weird Numbers Press photo

Weird Numbers is a rad band that carries the banner of early 00’s Pacific NorthWest retro-punk pop into a post-punk sound. They have just released their self-titled debut album as well as the video for the track Soda. Watch the video via YouTube below.

Weird Numbers is the Los Angeles/ Seattle-based project from Zache Davis of Maniac and The Girls and Colin Griffiths, Ethan Jacobsen and Alex Robert of The Tourist. Friendships formed in sweat and beer-drenched Seattle basement shows in the early Aughts eventually resulted in a long distance collaboration after Davis relocated to Los Angeles. Blending angular post-punk with an affinity for new wave hooks and disjointed melodies, Weird Numbers are a radiation sunburn on the Pacific NorthWest sound that defined a generation.

Their debut 7”, Minotaur Dreams (Dirt Cult Records, 2019) was praised by Razorcake as “post-apocalyptic surf pop” and caught the attention of many Dirt Cult and Dirtnap Records fans. Now the band is teaming with Dandy Boy Records to release their eleven song full length self-titled album (DBR-029). 

At a casual glance, the band has many of the same attributes of such luminaries as Wire or the Mind Spiders: minimal synths and jagged guitars provide a moody weirdness, but the distinguishing charm of the Weird Numbers is the meat-and-potatoes simplicity in structure and catchiness. Like a much smarter Spits, the songs stick in your ear and set themselves on repeat. Melancholy narratives provide ambiguous portraits of people that only exist in snippets of overheard conversations and last call recollections of faded lovers. There is a lingering ache and restless tension to the music. A sound that at its core resonates and stays with you as you find yourself up too late and fixated on the past.

Weird Numbers – ‘Weird Numbers’ cassette OUT NOW!

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