Work Party release debut single ‘Drunk Conference Call’

Work Party press photo
Photo by Aaron Ehinger

Work Party are a brand-new band from Chicago that fuses elements of post-hardcore, noise, garage and post-punk into one uncompromising force. Pair that with tight, concise songs and snark-driven, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and you have a rough idea of what to expect from the band’s debut album, ‘My Best Days Are Behind Me,’ slated for release October 1st via the noise imprint Triple Eye Industries. Recorded at Electrical Audio by renowned engineer Greg Norman, their debut album is more than just a document of the band’s first collection of songs — Norman’s work captures the band’s strength as a singular unit, with panoramic guitars and a tight, pummeling rhythm section working together to provide an unbreakable foundation for vocalist Tristan Widloe to build upon. 

Work Party is officially announcing their debut album today along with the release of their very first official single Drunk Conference Call. The single comes with a likely unforgettable animated music video that was directed and animated by the London-based artist Dimitris Armenakis. Starting with a hardly impassioned, ultra-goofy wail, Drunk Conference Call sets the tone for much of what Work Party’s debut album has to offer, injecting their music with a sense of humor while also touching on serious themes in a way that’s seamless. Watch the video clip via YouTube below or buy/stream here:

Somewhere in the vein of the Damned or Killing Joke by way of Dischord and SST, Work Party has the straight-ahead propulsion and snarl of late-70’s punk on the new single. 60’s-styled handclaps are an unexpected but welcome addition, giving the otherwise menacing track a slight touch of pop. All this lays a foundation for vocalist Tristan Widloe to tell the tale of a daytime bender while on the clock.

Work Party My Best Days Are Behind Me cover artwork

My Best Days Are Behind Me’ track listing
1. Drunk Conference Call (explicit)
2. Average White Man
3. Real Charmer (explicit)
4. NFG (explicit)
5. Pure Michigan
6. Nice Penis
7. Homeowner (explicit)
8. Divorced Falconer
9. Crawl Home
10. Stay Out of the Woods (explicit)

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