Young Galaxy release ‘Versus’ remix album for free download

Young Galaxy Shapeshifting

Over the past year, Young Galaxy have been completed various remixes and has now compiled the tracks they have reworked onto a new release entitled ‘Versus’. Remixes of tracks by Handsome Furs, Junior Boys, Grimes, Austra and CFCF are featured on the ‘Versus’ which is available as a free download!

Track listing:

1. Serve The People (Handsome Furs)
2. You’ll Improve Me (Junior Boys)
3. Lose It (Austra)
4. Better Off Dead (The Sounds)
5. Crystal Ball (Grimes)
6. Snake Charmer (CFCF)
7. Call Me (The Pipettes)
8. Watch The World Go By (Johan Agebjorn)
9. Michigan Left (The Arkells)
10. Spellwork (Austra)
11. This Crowded Room (Freedom or Death)


Download Young Galaxy ‘Versus’ now.

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