The FADER releases short video documentary on Grimes

Grimes Art Angel The FADER

The FADER released a new episode for its video documentary series titled ‘Art Angel,’ featuring the conceptual musician and producer, Grimes. She speaks exclusively on camera about her new album, ‘Art Angels,’ and the process behind developing her alter-ego characters. Watch the video now at

To produce this video, The FADER followed Grimes and shot footage spanning from her recent performance in New York City, to the photo shoot from her previous Grimes of The FADER’s 99th issue earlier this year. The documentary also includes behind-the-scenes footage the musician shot of herself on the road.

“Grimes as one person cannot represent more than a couple of ideas. That’s why I started developing some of the other characters. Like really abstract from who I am or how I am. You can start being an actor and start adding in more voices and start realizing that not everything just has to fully reflect you. The art angels are the face of it.”- Grimes

Just before the physical release of her new album, ‘Art Angels,’ an album already placed at the top of many year-end lists, Grimes describes in this video the various art angel characters in detail for the first time. Footage also includes the first time she met and spoke with Aristophanes, the Taiwan-based female MC featured as a vocalist on the new album. The cameras capture their first meeting over Skype, and discussion of the track Scream that Aristophanes later collaborated on for the new album.