Affect Display releases debut album ‘Animal Drift Animal’

Affect Display press photo

Affect Display has released his beautifully immersive debut album, ‘Animal Drift Animal’. Out now via Pirates Blend, it’s the first release from Canadian producer Damien Smith. The album takes cues from his deep well of influences, ranging from electronic, techno, experimental, psychedelic and indie pop. Along with the album, Smith is also sharing the vibrant video for album opener Until The Light Hits The Door, an explosion of colour announcing his arrival.

Watch the video clip for Until The Light Hits The Door via YouTube below.

Smith describes the track as “Like a phoenix rising from the ashes life is born into the world. Light hits one of the infinite doors from which before had come darkness and life emerges. It’s all at once uncomfortable, painful, wondrous, new and beautiful.

‘Animal Drift Animal’ is a cohesive being that begs you to delve deep into lush ambient spaces, while jettisoning you into the heights of frenzy and energy, showcasing Smith’s depth, ability and love of the tools of sonic goodness. From analog synths to drum machines, guitars to samplers, he unifies his varied and eclectic influences into a collective body of work within each song – standing alone in their own right, but ultimately becoming a greater being when listened to in the context of the whole album.

Affect Display’s songwriting takes you on a journey through both familiar places and the unexpected as one listens through this united body of work. It is an album that sonically touches on the circle of life and what it means to be a conscious being in an often unconscionable world; a soundtrack to a life lived through all the beauty, hatred, hurt, love and fear that is to be offered and experienced.

Affect Display Animal Drift Animal cover artwork

Animal Drift Animal’ track list
1. Until The Light Hits The Door
2. FlightorFury
3. Transference
4. dauen
5. Flock
6. Red Blue Inbetween
7. Floating Pictures

‘Animal Drift Animal’ is streaming everywhere now via Pirates Blend. You can listen to it here.