Altered tunes: Are they better than the original?

Changing music pitch

Due to the accessibility of sound related software and the relative ease of making alterations to songs, there have been a bunch of ‘reinterpretations’ of classic songs. Whether it’s using autotune, pitching them up or down slightly or changing the speed, these new renditions are interesting (whether bad or good). Here’s a few of them from the past little while – we’ve pop in the new version as well as the original for reference.

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit made into a pop punk anthem

Re-worked version aka Teen Sprite

Original version

The Chipmunks go sludge metal

Re-worked version of full Chipmunk Punk played on a 16 speed turntable

Original version of first track on album above ‘Call Me’ by Blondie

Slowed down gabber

Soulwax took a bunch of gabber tracks and mixed them pitched right down

Original – PLEASURE GAME “Le Seigneur Des Tenebres”

Nicki Minaj becomes Nicholas_MinJayZ

Super Bass slowed down

Original – Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

The Breeders get lazier at 33 rpm

Indie gold Cannonball becomes even more slacker when slowed down

Original – The Breeders – Cannonball

Aphex Twin suggests playing his 45rpm singles at 331/3

During an interview in the ’90s, Richard D. James was asked the following question: Parallel to the CD release of your new album, you’re releasing the same songs as maxi singles at 45 rpm. If you play them at 33 rpm, then this hectic, tense material becomes very relaxing and atmospheric. Is this a coincidence?

Many of my tracks are better if you play them at 33 rpm. I have never denied that. That’s also why my pieces are so short: you can only press them onto maxi singles if they are short at 45 rpm. If they go for too long, then they don’t fit onto the vinyl—and then you can’t play them slower. That’s also the real reason why my album ended up so short. Buy it on vinyl. Instead of 33 minutes, you actually get 45, you understand? And there you have it, an album of standard length.

Windowlicker at 33 rpm

Windowlicker original

Intentionally made for pitching up or down

The entire Spiritualized Electric Mainline ‎– Pure Phase Tones For D.J.’s LP is comprised of a single sample played at incrementally pitched up intervals to attain the full range of keys. All the tones are vari-speed and can be played at 33.3, or 45 RPM.