Art d’Ecco shares new song + video for ‘Desires’

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Androgynous neo-glam art-rocker Art d’Ecco continues to offer up more music lifted from his forthcoming new album, ‘In Standard Definition’ coming out on April 23, 2021 via Paper Bag Records. He has shared the track/video for Desires.

“A tale born inside the dark underbelly of old Hollywood, then repackaged and reimagined as a rock and roll tragedy,” says d’Ecco. “Desires is about the entertainer at the end of their career – soon to be phased out by the next wave of rising talent, and shifting audience tastes. For the old guard, this spectre of change is a constant existential threat that will challenge their ability to keep up with the times and to remain relevant in this brutal industry of show business.” 

Watch the video clip for Desires via YouTube below.

’In Standard Definition’ album details

His new LP, ‘In Standard Definition,’ ruminates on our endless fixation on TV and celebrity culture. It pulls back the curtain on our unhealthy obsessions, as illustrated by lead single/video for TV God released last month and second track/video, Head Rush that has made itself at home in the top 20 at Canadian Alt Radio for the last few weeks. And of course, the disco infused, latest single I Am The Dance Floor.

Like channels on an old television set, each of the twelve songs on ‘In Standard Definition’ presents an episodic look into the world of entertainment, our obsession with celebrity and the power it holds over us. “No matter where you live or what language you speak, there’s an entertainment god for you,” d’Ecco continuesWorking with producer/engineer Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, New Pornographers, Destroyer) in ocean-side studio The Hive, ‘In Standard Definition’ sees d’Ecco packing his heftiest punch yet. Through Stewart’s vintage set up, a decoupage of authentic sounds was recorded to 2-inch tape on a 50-year-old console, forming a musical reflection of the era it evokes.

‘In Standard Definition’ struts with the striking tonal resemblance of ‘70s glam, oscillating between new wave and new romantic via C86 infusions, or the simplicity of John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band. Earning his producer stripes, d’Ecco played musical ringleader, building the tracks’ layers with a revolving door of hand-picked musicians: jazz and blues players on horns, Victoria Symphony Orchestra’s string players, soul singers, and his suited and booted live band. With shrewd attention to structure, the album’s episodic nature can be experienced in its entirety or dialed in and out, with instrumental interludes   and Channel 10 (Reruns) aligning Lynchian drama with their sinister sounds, to capture actors’ struggles during Tinsteltown’s pilot season. “The enduring highs and lows of a performer struggling to be seen. I wanted to write from that vantage point as much as I wanted to illuminate what we’re all celebrating.”

Art D’Ecco In Standard Definition cover artwork

‘In Standard Definition’ track list
1. Desires
2. TV God
3. Bird Of Prey
4. Nothing Ever Changes
5. I Am The Dance Floor
6. Head Rush
7. Channel 7 (Pilot Season)
8. In Standard Definitionu
9. Good Looks
10. The Message
11. Channel 11 (Reruns)
12. I Remember

Pre-order – ‘In Standard Definition’

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