Autogramm share video for ‘No Rules’

Autogramm press photo
Photo Credit: Chuck Schmidt-Staub

Autogramm, the synth-driven, power-pop trio from Vancouver have shared a video for No Rules. It’s the title-track single lifted from their upcoming sophomore album, ‘No Rules,’ due out April 16 via Nevado Records. The video is a shot-by-shot recreation of Billy Joel’s 80s MTV-era masterpiece, Sometimes A Fantasy. Watch it via YouTube below.

Featuring lead vocals from the currently Chicago-based drummer The Silo (Destroyer, Spun Out, Black Mountain, Lightning Dust), he notes regarding the track’s inspiration… “I’m an enthusiastic dancer. Skilled? No. But I love to dance, and this song is an ode to my relationship with dancing: Flex abandon, enter the void!

It’s one of my favourite things to do. I don’t believe there are any rules in dance, apart from not hurting anyone else or infringing upon their personal space. It might seem weird to begin a song called “No Rules” with two rules, but it’s kind of like a snake eating its tail, no? No rules for no rules, including the absence of rules…”

Discussing recreation of a Billy Joel classic video, bassist CC Voltage (Dysnea Boys, Loyalties, Black Halos, Spitfires) adds, “we email videos around to each other all the time. Sometimes to inspire us, sometimes to discover something new, or sometimes just to have a laugh at a ridiculous music video. In this case it was the latter.”

‘No Rules’ details

‘No Rules’ keeps with the band’s tradition of crafting singalong pop-anthems, while adding angular elements that are reminiscent of Ghost in the Machine-era Police. For the band, the album title refers less to a no-gods-no-masters set of rules as it does to a no boundaries aspiration. Instead of building walls they want to build bridges.

Autogramm No Rules cover artwork

No Rules’ track listing
1. No Rules
2. Mantra
3. Jody Is A Cop
4. Future Primate
5. Anxiety
6. I Am A Situation
7. Bad Day
8. Fuck Fast Fashion
9. Too Loud
10. Internal Datat
11. Shut Up!

More about Autogramm

Featuring guitars and vocals from Jiffy Marx (Hard Drugs, Blood Meridian), Autogramm draw on influences from The Cars, The Go Go’s, Gary Numan, 20/20 and Devo. Along with calling Canada, the U.S., UK and Germany home at various points, the band also has a long standing connection to the art, punk, and skateboarding communities world-wide.

Since their inception in 2018, Autogramm has played dozens of shows across Canada and the U.S., in notable venues like Los Angeles’ Hi Hat and San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill. The summer of 2019 saw the band on their first UK/European tour playing to packed audiences from The Lexington in London to Wild at Heart in Berlin.

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