Bad Bad Meow premieres ‘Hear You’

Bad Bad Meow

Bad Bad MeowChicago DIY veterans Bad Bad Meow’s latest single Hear You leads off with a dizzying, psychedelic mishmash of guitar and organ that quickly introduces the band’s core back-country, foot stomping rhythms. If you’re listening in your car, you might actually catch yourself accelerating as the musical tension builds.

Singer/guitarist Alen Khan’s vintage layered vocal performance is the comforting – though nervously inadequate – safety bar on this sonic roller coaster. Natalie Grace Alford’s keys provide a counterpoint of soulful melody that produces a satisfying, “sing-it-with-me” climatic chorus. Like the band itself, Hear You has a mature, polished sound that still proudly showcases its teenage garage band weirdness. It may be the last thing you’ll hear in your head before the voices take over.