Bad Channels release their debut single ‘Sad Channels’ on Buzz Records

bad channels

Bad Channels are a Toronto based electronic duo signed to Buzz Records. Comprised of Nick Grottick and Jess Gierusz, the pair met as teenagers but began collaborating musically as Bad Channels in 2012. At first working primarily as producers, they created beats for experimental rappers like ISSUE and Kitty Pryde, producing her single Hittin Lix, which received attention from Stereogum and The Fader, and earned Bad Channels praise for what Complex described as their “ethereal, bass-heavy production.”

As the project evolved, Grottick and Gierusz became interested in developing their own material while incorporating a broader range of influences, shelving their production work and immersing themselves in Toronto’s thriving DIY scene. Here they forged a new direction, building a sound that combines ethereal synthpop with noisier, almost industrial touches, recalling influences as varied as Section 25, Ministry, Cocteau Twins, Caberet Voltaire and Canadian contemporaries like Crystal Castles, Trust and Purity Ring.

Their single Sad Channels is their first for Buzz and constitutes a high point of Bad Channel’s progression from their days as beat makers. Opening with a frenetic drum machine and shimmering guitar distortion which gives way to Gierusz’ ghostly vocal and icy reverb drenched synthesizers, showcasing the group’s subtly as producers even as they deliver a intense and chaotic burst of noise. Listen to the short, but super catchy Sad Channels via Soundcloud below.

Live dates:
June 20 – Toronto, ON @ The Horseshoe Tavern w/ HEALTH
June 26 – Hamilton, ON @ The Baltimore House
June 27 – Montreal, QC @ Escogriffe
July 18 – Guelph, ON @ Jimmy Jazz (Inclince/Decline)

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