Beauty Pill announces new LP ‘Please Advise’ + shares video for new single ‘Pardon Our Dust’

Beauty Pill have announced ‘Please Advise,’ the first new music the band has released since 2015’s ‘Describes Things As They Are’. ‘Describes Things As They Are’ earned widespread acclaim including NPR Music’s album of the year list and TIME Magazine’s 10 best albums of the decade list.

The lead single Pardon Our Dust is now available worldwide on streaming platforms now. The accompanying music video features newest Beauty Pill member Erin Nelson 

“Most Beauty Pill songs work by insinuation,” bandleader Chad Clark explains,“but Pardon Our Dust is more abstract. It’s about oblivion. The dictionary says oblivion is “the state of being unaware of what is happening. To me, oblivion seemed an idea worth interrogating in the Trump age when a lot of people feel like disappearing… To me, cumulatively the song feels like science fiction and the voice is some kind of malfunctioning artificial intelligence. What do “so few reasons left” and “willing to burn” mean? Something is happening in this song, but I can’t tell what. I’m not sure.”

Watch the video clip for Pardon My Dust via YouTube below.

Please Advise’ will be available May 8th, 2020 via Northern Spy Records on Digital/CD/Cassette/Vinyl, each with distinct artwork (designed by Grammy-winning artist Brian Grunert) and unique bonus track exclusive to that format.

Beauty Pill Please Advise

‘Please Advise’ track list
1. Pardon Our Dust
2. Tattooed Love Boys
3. Prison Song
4. The Damnedest Thing
5a. Prison Song (2004 Demo) [digital bonus track]
5b. The Damnedest Thing (chamber version) [CD bonus track]
5c. The Damnedest Thing (Michael Kentoff Remix) [cassette bonus track]
5d. Pardon Our Dust (Analog Tara Remix) [vinyl bonus track]