Best albums of 2018 (according to us)


2018Here’s Culture Addicts’ picks for the best albums released during 2018 – in no particular order. For reference, where possible, we popped in the album stream so you can take a listen.

The Soft Moon – Criminal
This release was dark and emotional…and sounds amazing live if you get a chance to see them play live.

Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt
According to Jason Pierce, this is Spiritualized last album…and its an amazing final chapter for the band.

Chastity – Death Lust
If this is the soundtrack of Ontario suburban life, Brandon Williams represents it through his shoegaze, indie-pop, and post-hardcore lens.

Sleaford Mods – Sleaford Mods
Another release of minimalist beats and biting lyrics. Sleaford Mods have a solid formula and deliver again on this EP.

Mourn – Sorpresa Familia
Mourn are past their teens and came back with one hell of a revenge record influenced by their record contract issues.

Vive La Void – Vive La Void
Sanae Yamada from Moon Duo made a cosmic / atmospheric record. Total chill-out music with some lyrical bite. 

TRAITRS – Butcher’s Coin
We loved this latest record from the duo who looked backward into post-punk history to create something new and forward thinking. They’re getting a big following in Germany, but should get a following everywhere.

FRIGS – Basic Behaviour
This strong debut album is pure sludge-pop – it’s indie rock with teeth. Hearing frontwoman Bria Salmena snarl and growl these songs live is a treat for your ears.

Mount Eerie – Now Only
Phil Elverum aka Mount Eerie came back with the companion album to last year’s A Crow Looked At Me. It’s another beautiful yet super depressing LP. 

Nothing – Dance On The Blacktop
Nothing deliver another shoegaze / dream pop LP which doesn’t push any boundaries and is merely another great album.

Primal Scream – Give Out But Don’t Give Up (The Original Memphis Recordings)
The story is as good as the recordings. An album was recorded and mixed to gain commercial success by the label. The original tapes are forgotten and then discovered 20 years later in an attic with the original mixes. These mixes are far better than the originals and get released. *The doc below explains it all

Lebanon Hanover – Let Them Be Alien
The cold wave / minimal wave duo released their 5th album that captures the feeling of two alienated personas.