The Bingers share new track ‘Simone’

The Bingers

The BingersChicago’s The Bingers will release their debut LP, ‘Stay Satisfied‘, on April 21st via Tall Pat Records. Self-recorded by the band to tape on an old 8-track, it features a gritty, fuzzed-out mix of surf and garage-rock made up of two guitars & drums.

The band have shared Simone, the album’s most pop-leaning track and one that captures their fun, laid-back nature. You can take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

Made up of brothers Ronnie & Teddy and longtime friend Jack, The Bingers have learned to make the best of a unique band dynamic: all three started out primarily as guitar players and songwriters, each with their own style and arsenal of material. Taking a cue from bands like the Oblivians and The Gories, they decided to switch roles throughout their sets, and they share songwriting duties and approach vocals as a group effort.

‘Stay Satisfied’ is the result of an inspired jam session that saved the band from calling it quits after a long hiatus. Its title addresses the numerous compromises they’ve had to make in order to achieve a cohesive sound from three different minds, but it’s also good advice for the current state of things: while it’s tough to stay positive in spite of the constant barrage of bad news, it’s important that we all take time out — and let ourselves be distracted with good news from time to time — in order to feel ok.

The Bingers Stay Satisfied cover

‘Stay Satisfied’ track listing

1. Blues #1
2. Shake City
3. Big Operation
4. (Killer) On The Loose
5. Radical Friends (So Tough)
6. Ever Wonder
7. It’s Morning
8. Mama’s Son
9. 650 CCs
10. Simone
11. Ocean Blue
12. I Saw A Comet
13. And You