Black Square unveils innovative musical journey with ‘Material’ EP series

Black Square press photo

Black Square, the alias for Composer and Producer Andrew Beaton, also behind acclaimed albums ‘Silent City’ (Crunch Recordings) and ‘Beggars Opera,’ (Blind Colour) embarks on an unprecedented musical exploration with the launch of the ‘Material’ EP series.

The ‘Material’ EP series emerged from Black Square’s aspiration to push the boundaries of his artistic capabilities and venture into new musical realms. Departing from the traditional album format, Black Square has crafted 8 sets of 4-track EPs, each offering a distinct tone and ethos, reflective of his evolving tastes and creative vision. Trace is the single from the first EP in the series titled ‘Matter’. You can listen to ‘Matter’ here.

Spanning three years, Black Square has meticulously dedicated himself to the development of the ‘Material’ series, allowing the music to flow organically while also directing it towards the thematic design of each EP. This ambitious endeavour has fostered collaborations with 16 vocalists hailing from the vibrant UK and American music scenes, as well as 7 musicians from the realms of jazz and orchestral music.

What sets the ‘Material’ EP series apart is the meticulous attention to detail in its production. Each EP has been masterfully crafted and mastered by a different, carefully selected mastering engineer, ensuring a unique separation in tone and individual sound for every instalment.

Previous albums by Black Square have garnered support from esteemed radio platforms and magazines, including BBC6 with Don Letts, NTS, Amazing Radio, Amazing Radio USA, Basic Soul, Sonic Soul, Worldwide FM, Music Is My Sanctuary, Magnetic Magazine, Dubland, Ness Radio, Netil Radio, Soho Radio, Stimulate Your Soul (Australia), Hyponik, XLR8, Complex, Pastel

Wasteland, Groove Magazine, Subtempo, Trip Hop Forum, Mo Wax / UNKLE 77, Electronic Groove, UFO Network, and Trip Hop Nation.

Furthermore, Black Square received a nomination for Best Newcomer in the UK Music Video Awards (2020) and featured a track in the opening credits of the film Hot Property for Fortune Films (2016).

As Black Square embarks on this innovative musical journey, listeners can anticipate an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries and explores the limitless possibilities of sound.

The 8 EP series will be released over the next 16 months and is Published by Bucks Music.

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