BLKHRTS release Dead Drops Vol. 1 + new track


BLKHRTS, a rap crew from Denver, have released their highly anticipated EP, ‘Dead Drops Vol. 1,’ on May 5 via Deathbomb Arc. Coinciding with the release is new single, Trillex, and a number of live dates, where audiences will revel in the tenacious and liberating brand of performance art that is BLKHRTS’s live show.

BLKHRTS Dead Drops Vol. 1 vinylDead Drops is charged, aggressive, and powerful, with the group’s unique combination of goth and punk-infused rap bringing a fresh energy to the scene. It is the result of a melting pot; romanticist lyrics filled with grandiose and idealism, splashing against distortive metal-core and classic hip hop beats.

Premiered on LA Weekly, the new track, Trillex, is a powered-up invitation to the gothic grime of BLKHRTS, and paired with the sensual undercurrent of the hook the song is a temptation to powerful to resist.

In an inspiring alternative move to the standard processes of music marketing, the hype track released ahead of the EP, COATHANGER, has been distributed among the Dead Drops community—an offline peer-to-peer file-sharing network. “USB Flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anyone in public space.”

BLKHRTS are a force of nature. Their live show is described as a hurricane slamming into a shoreline at a thousand miles an hour or an avalanche triggered by barbaric yawp. “There’s a grand and emotive romanticism and fatalism to our sound, but we layer it over hard beats,” says Yonnas, the group’s producer. “It’s that dichotomy of being the most hard and soft thing in the room.”

The critically hailed rap crew are set for their live show on 5/30 in Athens, GA @ ATHICA.

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