Bloods share ‘BOSS’ Jonathan Snipes of clipping. remix

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Illustration by Rosa Morgan

On May 5, Sydney punk trio Bloods will release ‘Together, Baby!’ deluxe edition via Share It Music (order). The deluxe edition will feature two new remixes of tracks featured on Bloods’ acclaimed album ‘Together Baby!’. Jonathan Snipes of clipping. reworked BOSS and Ernesto el Defensor remixes ¡Radical! and the track features Victoria Ruiz of Downtown Boys. The album also includes an acoustic version of Southern LightThe band has shared BOSS (Jonathan Snipes REMIX), the first track to be shared from the upcoming release. The track is also available on all streaming platforms and you can take a listen via YouTube below. 

From its lo-fi punk beginnings to its techno infused end, this is sure to be an essential track for any dance music enthusiast. Snipes explains, “I love it when a great rock song can become a great dance track. Taking loose and raw punk performances and hard quantizing them to a grid is missing the point in the most glorious way. Chaotic energy ordered in metronomic time. The tyranny of techno imposed on lawlessness. I tried to add my own flavors of chaos and disorder, using some very unpredictable Max/MSP patches which take over the sequencing of the remix from time to time. All the sounds you hear in the remix are from the original track, with the exception of the Roland TR-909 drum machine. How could I resist? It’s dance music after all.” 

On the remix Bloods’ frontwoman and main songwriter MC adds, “When we were thinking about how we wanted this song to be reimagined, an old-school, no holds barred, experimental electro banger was exactly what we were hoping for and boy did Jonathan deliver! I’ve been such a fan of clipping.’s approach to music making and to hear Jonathan put his stamp on our sound was the collab you never knew you needed! It’s just so damn fun and cinematic – it feels like Michelle Rodriguez walking away from an explosion or a Michelle Rodriguez led car chase scene. If this song were a person, it would be Michelle Rodriguez.”

Since bursting onto the scene in 2013 with their critically acclaimed ‘Golden Fang’ EP, Bloods have maintained their place as one of Australia’s most enduring and beloved punk bands. Whether it’s through their highly infectious, undeniably fun punk-pop-meets-riot-grrrl tunes or their live shows, Bloods has consistently been celebrated by critics and fans alike.A celebration of humanity and all that connects us, ‘Together, Baby!’ is an album that is brimming with heart and charm. ‘This is definitely our most thought out record to date’ says MC. ‘It’s the album we’ve had the most time to flesh out and the first one we’ve made ourselves.”

Bloods Together, Baby! Cover artwork
Together, Baby!deluxe edition track list

1. Radical
3. Thinking of You Thinking of Me 
4. I Like You (with Laura Jane Grace)
5. Devo 
6. Chasing Constellations 
7. Cherry 
8. TV Pity Party
9. Take Aim 
10. Southern Light
11. ¡Radical! (Ernesto el Defensor Remix feat. Victoria Ruiz of Downtown Boys)
12. BOSS (Jonathan Snipes REMIX)
13. Southern Light (acoustic version)

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