Brooklyn’s bottoms announce new ‘Goodbye Remixes EP’

Brooklyn’s bottoms have announced their new ‘Goodbye Remixes EP’ out October 16 via Atlas Chair. You can pre-order bottoms the EP and receive Soft Pink Truth Remix of Boring immediately here. Take a listen to Boring (Soft Pink Truth Remix) via Soundcloud below.

New York’s bottoms, the self-proclaimed “two shitty drag queens, a 303 and a drummer”, and “gender-problematizing goth dance band” that grew out of Brooklyn’s DIY space Secret Project Robot, released debut ‘Goodbye EP’ (12″ vinyl / digitally) via JD Samson (SHARER / MEN / Le Tigre / Pussy Riot collaborator)’s co-founded Atlas Chair.

Goodbye Remixes EP coverTrack listing:

1. Boring (Soft Pink Truth remix)
2. My Body (Eric Copeland remix)
3. My Body (Poisonous Relationship remix)
4. My Body (Is Tropical remix)
5. My Body (Colin Self remix)
6. My Body (Michael Oswell remix)
7. My Body (Smhoak Mosheein remix)
8. Boring (Becoming Real remix)


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