Carré return with dark, driving ‘Freeform’ remix

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Photo Credit: Andrew Narváez

LA-based French psychedelic electronic rock trio Carré make their return packing the summer’s heat with a revival of their single Freeform, which was featured on last summer’s self-titled debut EP. The remix is courtesy of Parisian artist multi-instrumentalist A.T.M. (aka Alex Tran) who adds yet another dimension to Carré‘s essence: A French touch with heavy Anglo Saxon rock and Industrial influences, live instrumentation, featuring two drummers, who blend aggressive, dark and chaotic elements with organic hypnotic drum loops.

The single originally premiered on This Song Is Sick who said: “Carré’s newest is a wild, techno-based journey. This Freeform single is focused on pushing boundaries and redefining the limits of electronic music as a whole as the trio seeks to establish their signature sound. A hypnotic, up-tempo track with looming vocals.”

Taking it one step further while bringing a dance club vibe to the equation, A.T.M.’s remix takes the song to a more aggressive playground. Mixing distorted arpeggiators, vocoder vocals with tight bass and drums, this new version of Freeform will keep you moving from beginning to end. Listen to Freeform via YouTube below.

Keeping up the summer’s momentum the trio will release Turn Down The Choir their brand new single and music video to be released August 20. In the meantime, fans can expect their full-length album in 2022.  

The remix follows their debut EP which ignited a viral buzz for the singles This is Not a Band and Urgency that earned media comparisons to edgy dark electronic rockers Cold Cave, Nitzer Ebb and dance floor favourites Factory Floor, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and Soulwax.

The trio Julien Boyé, Jules de Gasperis and Keveen Baudouin believe that the journey matters as much as the destination and continue to send the listener on several different landscapes where abstraction and interpretation are key here.  

Carré doesn’t offer you answers to what the destination is, but more so they open the door for you to explore where your intrinsic perception lies.

More about Carré

Carré = square in French, well, not only, it also translates as playing tight, or on point. Carré seeks to create a psychedelic and unparalleled experience for listeners as each member of the band brings his own inspiration to the table.  Created by its three members in 2019, “The making of our band started with this whole idea of having two drummers perform together. It felt like a statement.” says Jules. “We always wanted to keep people moving and tend to focus on the beats first when we write”.  

Organic: Julien Boyé  – (drums, percussion, vocals) is a drummer for many touring acts (Nouvelle Vague, James Supercave). He has been collecting rare instruments around the world which he uses in his other project called Acoustic Resistance. 

Electronic: Jules de Gasperis –  (drums, vocals, synths, production and mixing) is a studio owner in Los Angeles and was raised in Paris where he sharpened his knowledge of synthesizers and machines at the time Ed Banger, Justice and Soulwax came to the mainstream. 

Psychedelic: Keveen Baudouin –  (guitars, vocals, synth  and production) has been living in Los Angeles for the longest (10 years), performing with many bands from the rock/psych scene, developing an edgy approach to the guitar influenced by out of the box players like Nels Cline, Jonny Greenwood or Marc Ribaut.

With lyrics that highlight an element of provocation, and freedom of perception, Carré is all about conception, abstraction and distortion of reality. Stemming from a surrealistic outlook on our world, inspired by geometrical shapes and patterns, Carré gives birth to an angular, edgy musical experience.  “There’s something about not getting attached to the form, when you step back and disengage yourself from the form, you become in touch with something more pure and spiritual, while remaining in the square.” – Carré

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