Cat’s Eyes score ‘The Duke of Burgundy’

Duke of Burgundy

Duke of BurgundyAnglo-Canadian duo Cat’s Eyes have scored their first film – Peter Strickland’s ‘The Duke of Burgundy’, which makes its world debut at this weekend at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). Click here for the screening details. Rachel Zeffira and her British band-mate, Faris Badwan (frontman of The Horrors), have put together a bewitching and beautiful soundtrack to a film dealing with role play and power relationships in an all-female world. Set in an unspecified time and place, heavy with symbolism and airtight humour, the film has cult classic written through it. The soundtrack, meanwhile, sets the bar at new high both for Cat’s Eyes as a band moving towards their second album and as film composers moving forward.

Cat’s Eyes have created a compelling atmosphere which beautifully showcases Zeffira’s classical leanings and Badwan’s darker side, while drawing previously invisible arcs between Verdian Requiems, Phil Spector pop, and Paul Giovanni’s Wicker Man. It was recorded by Steve Osborne at Realworld Studios and Andrew Dudman at Abbey Road Studios. ‘The Duke of Burgundy’ follows Strickland’s previous films ‘Berberian Sound Studio’ and ‘Katalin Varga’.

“I really loved the first (Cat’s Eyes) album, that’s one of the best things I’ve heard in ages,” says Strickland. “I shot two videos for them (which are still unfinished) then I just thought actually this script could be up their street so I sent it to them and they seemed willing to do it.”

Cat’s Eyes have released a self-titled debut album in 2011. Rachel Zeffira’s solo album, ‘The Deserters,’ was released on Paper Bag Records in 2012. Faris Badwan also fronts the band The Horrors.

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