Cool Web Promo Tools for Bands…

We’ve been pretty connected to what’s happening on the web for musicians to promo themselves. We wanted to share some of our favourite tools and applications to help other musicians market their bands, projects and music for free. Please keep in mind, we aren’t going to be showcasing all possibilities and options, just our favourite tools that are helping us get seen on the web.

1. Twiturm – Very cool tool to upload your music and include them with your tweets. You add your songs to Twiturm and it creates a page containing a media player where the user can stream your tracks. You can also allow the users to download them as well. Make sure to encourage your followers to visit the page and also retweet links to your tracks. Find out more about Twiturm here.

Twiturm Screenshot

2. Music Glue – Good site for getting your music out and collecting fan email addresses. Fans can download multiple tracks once they register, and you control the mailing list. The tagline says it all “The Band is the Brand”. Find out more about Music Glue here.

Music Glue Screenshot

3. Reverbnation ‘My Band’ – Create band / artist widgets for Facebook. It jams a bunch of cool features into a small Facebook page real estate. All the great stuff on Reverbnation in a tiny package. Find out more about Reverbnation ‘My Band’ here.

Reverbnation My Band Screenshot

We hope these are helpful and if you have any other cool band apps / sites you want to share, please add them in the comments under the post.

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